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Open Box combines cultural insights with its design and craft excellence, to create unique products for brands as well as the marketplace.


Terracotta Diwali Diya

          Being one of the most popular festivals in India, Diwali is incomplete without the exchange of gifts. For corporates, the focus is on distributing gifts that are unique. Our client Richa Realtors had a similar requirement.

          We thought the best place for a corporate gifting idea to stem from, is the heart of the brand itself.  Drawing inspiration from the interconnectedness and sense of community that is central to the essence of Richa realtors, we created a 5 mouth terracotta diya that mirrors the Richa logo. Fashioned in a Gujarat village, in collaboration with local artists, this diya is crafted using a rare type of red clay, resulting in a finer product.

          Unique in its form, the diya has five grooves to place the oil and wicks in. While, the adjacent interconnected circles allow for a beautiful arrangement of flower petals.