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Sur Anant

          Richa realtors is a residential and commercial space development company. Although in the business of executing large projects, Richa never loses sight of finer social and cultural values. It is these nuances that get incorporated into the Richa way of working. In tandem with this belief is Richa’s avid promotion of the ethereal tradition of Indian classical music. Having continually lent support to classical music events organised by Hridayesh Arts, Richa wasn’t willing to stop short.

          How could we help them go a step further?

          As a brand focused on redevelopment and creating the new, on a solid foundation of the old, we felt that Richa realtors had the perfect opportunity to take far and wide, the rich tradition of Indian classical music. To this end, we created ‘Sur Anant’ - to ensure that Indian classical music stays alive not only on stage, but more importantly, in hearts. A property of Richa, Sur Anant literally means Eternal Melody and is an initiative to promote the young maestros of Indian classical music. Having learnt from the best, these maestros perpetuate, in their distinctively refreshing style, the rich tradition of Indian classical music.

          Consisting of a compilation of works from the newest links in the eternal chain of Indian classical music such as Pt. Rupak Kulkarni (flute), Pt. Raghunanadan Panshikar (vocal), Dhananjay Hegade (vocal) and Sweekar Katti (Sitar), Sur Anant was released at the 23rd Hridayesh Festival in Jan, 2013.