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Open Box combines cultural insights with its design and craft excellence, to create unique products for brands as well as the marketplace.

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Daily Soap

          To inject some fresh perspective in the boring and formatted world of soaps, we researched Indian skin rituals to come up with 3 skin-boosting ingredients. Each of our soap is handmade with one of these hero ingredients and the soaps are to be used in a specific order for continued benefit: first month Sandalwood to repair skin, second month Vetiver to brighten it and third month Turmeric for skin protection.

         To create a new kind of engagement we employ storytelling to make our products stand out. Our soaps are called Daily Soap. Of course that is a reference to the frequency of usage but more than that, our soaps are a nod to the greatest of all TV genres created by soaps themselves: the daily soap opera. Its episodic and highly melodramatic storylines have enriched our imagination and kept us enthralled.

         Our soaps are turned into episodes of an exciting soap opera. The text on the packaging became an episode of an exciting three-part series. Each episode celebrated the product in a way that was authentically soap-operatic.


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