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502 , Bengal Chemicals Bhavan

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Prabhadevi , Mumbai - 400025

Tel No. 022-24315427

Maharashtra, India.

3/11, Prabhadevi Industrial Estate, Prabhadevi
Mumbai, 400025

+91 9819254186

Open Box combines cultural insights with its design and craft excellence, to create unique products for brands as well as the marketplace.


What characterizes an OpenBox product

Product noise is a reality of today. More of the same products are not needed. We aim to create products which are not currently available. Or are not in the form that they should be.

Mass Appeal
It is simpler to create niche products, but they miss a point. They miss the binding common strain of culture. We create products which are embraced by most, and not just a few.

Human or personal
One of the outcomes of mass production is that we are surrounded by impersonal objects. Even when they are useful and well-designed, they lack something. They feel like they have come out of a machine, carrying with them some of its coldness. We try to create products that have a human feel to them – through design, textures, colours and material, we infuse some personality into them.

Delightful design
Functionality is not an excuse for bad design. We design the way we would have the products. Aesthetically pleasing, designed with a view on usage.

Craft finesse
Shoddy finish indicates more than a lack of capability. It reflects the lack of love for the product. We take pains to achieve high-quality craft into everything we make. Our design gets what it deserves in the final form.

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